Built-In Ice Maker with 25 Lbs (Product Review) 

Best Built-In Ice Maker Under 25 Lbs [Oct. 2023]

Built-in Ice Makers: Cool Convenience or Essential Appliance?

Choosing a built-in ice maker can be daunting, so let’s break down the options. For everyday needs, models producing crescent or bullet ice in 25 lb batches are a great and affordable choice. These reliable machines often come from the same manufacturers and offer similar performance.

If your family goes through ice quickly, a built-in ice maker is a fantastic addition to your kitchen. It’s also ideal for workplaces, churches, or anywhere where large gatherings require an ample supply of ice.

For high-volume needs, like cafes or hotels, commercial ice machines deliver high production capacity. These machines handle much larger workloads but come with a higher price tag.

What Is the Price of a Built-In Ice Maker?

The cost of a built-in ice maker can vary widely, from around $1,100 to $2,700. Factors like energy efficiency, material quality, production capacity, and brand all play a role in the price.

Who Should Buy a Built-In Ice Maker?

Built-in ice makers are perfect for restaurants and modern households that value convenience and aesthetics. Their sleek design seamlessly integrates into various kitchen styles.

Built-In Ice Maker with 25 Lbs (Product Review) 

Built-In Ice Maker with 25 Lbs (Product Review) 

You will appreciate the EdgeStar IB250BL ice cube maker for delivering up to 25 lbs of fresh, chilly ice day by day. Regardless of whether facilitating an enormous occasion gathering or appreciating frosted tea on a sweltering summer day, the EdgeStar IB250BL is the ideal expansion to any kitchen or engaging space. 

• The underlying unit can be placed anywhere effectively 

• Does not need a channel 

• Has venting option at the front

• Has an opposite entryway. 

These highlights make this unit ideal for practically any establishment prerequisite. 

This unit produces bow-formed ice which gives more enthusiastic and long-duration ice. It incorporates an ice scoop, water line, and removable ice receptacle. It acts as a freezer and it helps in keeping it frozen.

There is no drain line linked with it. The unit enables you to mount a reversible door in the direction of the right or left hinges besides providing a detachable ice bean. The dimensions are worth 33.31 inches High x 14.9 inches Wide x 20.06 Inches Deep.  


  • The ice maker is easy to handle
  • Comes with a premium look
  • It is a rare fridge freezer with an ice dispenser that delivers righty shaped ice cubes 


It gets messy very easily. You can dump the contents before cleaning the entire unit each day.

How You Can Pick and Test a Built-In Ice Maker Before Buying It!

The Limited World of Built-In Ice Makers

We initially stumbled upon over 50 listings for versatile fridge freezers with ice dispensers from dozens of brands. However, after digging deeper, we realized there’s only a small selection of truly exceptional options, offered by just two manufacturers.

Due to the limited competition in this category, and because each option has both significant advantages and drawbacks, this guide won’t pinpoint the “best” model or even recommend a compact ice maker. Instead, it will highlight your options and their overall pros and cons.

Why Built-In Ice Makers?

Lugging around extra bags of ice is a hassle, and those bags quickly eat up valuable freezer space. Upgrading your fridge’s ice production capacity is a tempting solution, but it can be expensive and cumbersome. If you’re facing any kind of recurring ice shortage, buying a separate ice machine can be a smart move.

A built-in ice maker, also known as an under-counter ice machine, is designed to seamlessly integrate into your kitchen without taking up any floor space. These are installed directly into your cabinetry, much like a dishwasher or oven.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Built-In Ice Maker

To ensure you end up with the perfect fridge with an ice maker that addresses all your needs, we strongly recommend considering each of these essential factors:


The main reason to choose an under-counter ice maker over a portable model is the ability to place it where it fits seamlessly within your space. That means, before you start browsing options, you should have a specific location in mind for where you want to install the appliance.

Knowing exactly where it will go allows you to ensure you buy an ice machine that’s the right size for the available space and that you get the right type.

Ice Type:

Do you have a preferred type of ice? You can find ice dispensers that make nugget ice (what many people call Sonic ice), bullet ice, crescent ice, or one of several other types. For some people, as long as it’s cold and keeps their drinks chilled, any ice will do.

However, for those with a specific preference, look for an ice maker that produces the type of ice you enjoy most.

Production Rate:

An under-counter ice maker’s production rate is a crucial piece of information in ensuring you get a model that will meet your needs. If your ice maker makes ice at a slower rate than you consume it, then you’ll either end up supplementing with bags of ice from the store or dealing with no ice – which defeats the purpose of buying an extra ice maker for your home or business.

The manufacturers of under-counter ice machines should provide specifications on the production rate for each specific model they sell.


Under-counter ice makers come with cooler storage as a feature of the product. In addition to the production rate, you also need to consider how much ice the machine can hold at any given time.

If your family or colleagues will typically go through the ice quickly, then a higher production rate matters more than the capacity limit.


The tricky thing about getting the right capacity is that the amount of ice the ice maker can hold is directly related to how large it is. If you have limited space to work with, getting a machine that can store a lot of ice at once and still fit in the available space might be a bit of a challenge.

Make sure to measure the space you plan on installing your built-in ice maker, so you can ensure you get one that will not only fit flawlessly into your kitchen but is also easy to install.

User Reviews:


5.0 out of 5 stars Built-in freezer! It is silent without the need for any drain line!

It has been 2 years and I still love this ice maker! The lone support that I perform is that if there are long terms between uses, I’ll need to dump the ice and thaw out the ice creator, yet this is ordinary with any cooler.


5.0 out of 5 stars It doesn’t let your ice turn softer!

Love this ice producer. This was the just built-in unit that has an implicit cooler so the ice doesn’t soften after it’s made. The entryway is reversible, which I did; it just required a couple of moments to switch it up. The actual unit is tranquil.

Danny J.

1.0 out of 5 stars End up in a mess…

Can it deliver ice? Indeed. Does it hold new super cold enough to hold back from turning around to the water, at that point a colossal ice block/slushy wreck? No! I need to dump the substance of the ice each day to maintain it as if ‘new’ and not an absolute messy thing.


What about bigger bullet-ice makers?

Bullet ice makers typically produce ice that resembles a bullet, with a barrel-shaped body and a pointed tip. This shape allows for even melting and rapid chilling of drinks due to the increased surface area of the ice. Additionally, the smaller size of bullet ice makes it ideal for mixed drinks, similar to half-cubes.

What to Look for When Buying an Ice Maker

When buying an ice maker, consider factors like:

  • Size and portability: Choose an ice maker that fits your needs and countertop space. Consider portable options if you need flexibility.
  • Ice type: Decide whether you prefer bullet ice, cubes, crushed ice, or another type.
  • Production capacity: Choose an ice maker that can produce enough ice for your needs, especially if you frequently entertain guests.
  • Cleaning and maintenance: Opt for an ice maker with easy-to-clean parts and a self-cleaning function if possible.

There are actually several good types of built-in ice makers with 25 lb capacity that use unique methods for ice production, especially for commercial use. For example, clear ice makers don’t freeze entire pockets of water at once like your fridge ice maker. Instead, they lay down thin layers of water, freezing from the back to the front (similar to icicle formation) to prevent air bubbles and impurities, resulting in clear ice.

A compact ice maker operates more efficiently compared to commercial ice makers. Unlike filling an ice tray and then placing it in a freezer, a built-in ice maker freezes the water directly, making it significantly faster to produce a batch of ice.

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